Thursday, March 29, 2007

Hack you very much JIHADIS!

The Jawa Report: U.S. Military Now Engaging In Cyberwarfare Against Online Jihadis?: "There are few times when we at The Jawa Report get so stoked that we, literally, break into the robot dance."

Offense! YES!! GO GO GO!! Kick their cyber asses up and down!

Monday, March 26, 2007

An American Imperative, Senator Fred Thompson must run

I must tell you, I have very little optimism for our country if Fred Thompson does not run for President in 2008. Many Republicans such as myself were faced with the daunting task of having to choose from one of three GOP candidates that all share "two-thirds-itis"; each mustering only 2/3's of what it takes to make a smashing conservative GOP candidate. 2/3's does not stir the soul, it does not animate, it does not inspire. What it does is create apathy, disenchantment. It is a pizza without cheese. YUM~

So seemingly out of nowhere, here comes this giant of a man named Fred Thompson. He sits down next to Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday. In that interview, I couldn't help but notice what a presence he had. I don't mean this derogatorily, but Chris Wallace appeared something akin to a gnat. Ok, I'm being derogatory. Just with that observance though, I knew this could be the man to lead the GOP out of the muck we currently find ourselves. He was so larger than life, with a voice so deep and to the point, his views on the issues almost seemed secondary. But lo, he calmly voiced his conservative positions, one after the other. For conservatives who follow politics closely, you will agree the experience was surreal. The interview concluded and I found myself walking to the kitchen with fists pumping, I was freaking stoked and let out a shriek or a yell or something like that. I was flat out giddy. I knew in an instant that everything had changed. Rudy McRomney was put on notice. I felt sorry for Rudy McRomney, I really did. So much preparation, so much effort...blood. Sweat. Tears. And like the thief in the night, here came Fred Thompson. In one effortless interview, Rudy McRomney, as well as the Democratic party gasped in horror and utter disbelief. For the Democrats, this one was in the bag. A Clinton/Obama ticket would defeat Giuliani by a narrow margin and all would be well. But now Thompson?! They've seen this type before, and they know what this type of person did to them in the 80's. Only this type is a bigger, meaner, and younger version of Ronaldus Maximus. That can only mean one thing. Trouble. Big, BIG trouble. Only after three weeks of his FNS interview where he stated he was leaving the door open to run, he is already in third place among the GOP. What will happen when he announces? It will move the Earth politically speaking, and the seismic readings will be off the charts at the DNC. The Democrats are currently enjoying beating up on an administration that refuses to fight back, a demoralized base, and general GOP malaise. All that is changing and will change demonstrably when Thompson announces. To my Democratic friends, please enjoy yourselves for now. Relish in the Libby indictment. Relish the faux federal attorney scandal, your little pathetic Rove witch hunt, and your disgraceful bills pulling the carpet from underneath our military in theater. Because you know what? The jig is up sad sacks. We've found our man and do you know what that means? Oh dear...


Friday, March 23, 2007

Ok, I get it, white males are buffoons...

This morning I'm having my coffee and tacos and see a Fedex/Kinkos commercial where in a morning briefing the boss is giving what is presumably a 'tall order' for the days tasks. So the dumb white guy starts to panic and begins chugging a full coffee pot spilling more coffee on himself than the same time the very smart white female calmly and coolly reports that with fedex/kinko she can wrap it all up quickly and efficiently. Then the dumb white buffoon with coffee all over himself says...'what? what'd she say?'

The underlining presumption, which is what really offends me, is that all white males are wealthy and privileged, and just RIPE and long overdue to be made fun of. How many white males out there like myself are wealthy and privileged? 100%? I come from a broken family, was below the poverty line on two long occasions when I was growing up, I joined the Navy for college money, then I busted ass waiting tables to finish school...but I guess and I am white and male, so... I lose.

I don't lose sleep over these, some are downright funny. The dumb white guy who goes to battle with the barbecue pit in the backyard while the two smart women discuss the blinds is pretty funny...but still, I am sick of them.

The dumb white commercials have a spanned a good 7 or 8 years now. Can we just finally put them to bed?

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Soldiers' Angel - Holly Aho - Post details: Visit to the Local VA

Soldiers' Angel - Holly Aho - Post details: Visit to the Local VA: "Visit to the Local VA"

Bamm! Think I'll give this a go at BAMC very soon...