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Cult of Obama: As Drudge dubbed, children sing for their Dear Leader

I can't remember a time when an elected official or presidential candidate has been outright worshipped like this. This is naked propaganda, not to mentions wildly unnatural and creepy. This outfit, though not entirely (ahem) indiciative of the typical Obama supporter, has all the visual appearances of a cult. These children couldn't possibly begin to understand the complexity of the issues swirling around the presidential election this year, which is why I find this so repugnant. Children being used as pawns in a propaganda piece. I would be embarrassed if I were Sentator Obama.

I Found a comment on the youtube page from the one who put this all together, Kathy Sawada (bold mine):

You are exactly right that children don't know about political issues, and for me, that's the point, they are our teachers: I think Obama represents a change of heart, a different worldview, one that is inclusive and that supports individual and mutual responsibility, a point of view that is beyond partisan issues.

What more needs to be said.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Are you listening small business owners? Obama would close all loopholes and raise your taxes! Yay!!

From the first 2008 Presidential debate. Obama will close life saving business tax loopholes in our jacked up and inequitable tax code, and raise taxes.

And I'm really getting sick of Obama's outright lie that "95% of Americans will get a tax cut". 40% of Americans DO NOT PAY A DIME in taxes as it is. But it's great line and the media will provide cover for him. Let's not mention how the rich are footing the real tab in taxes.

I just really want to make sure small business owners read this exchange from the debate and then think about their businesses.

MCCAIN: Well -- well, let me give you an example of what Senator Obama finds objectionable, the business tax.

Right now, the United States of American business pays the second-highest business taxes in the world, 35 percent. Ireland pays 11 percent.

Now, if you're a business person, and you can locate any place in the world, then, obviously, if you go to the country where it's 11 percent tax versus 35 percent, you're going to be able to create jobs, increase your business, make more investment, et cetera.

I want to cut that business tax. I want to cut it so that businesses will remain in -- in the United States of America and create jobs.

But, again, I want to return. It's a lot more than $18 billion in pork-barrel spending. I can tell you, it's rife. It's throughout.

The United States Senate will take up a continuing resolution tomorrow or the next day, sometime next week, with 2,000 -- 2,000 -- look at them, my friends. Look at them. You'll be appalled.

And Senator Obama is a recent convert, after requesting $932 million worth of pork-barrel spending projects.

So the point is, I want people to have tax cuts. I want every family to have a $5,000 refundable tax credit so they can go out and purchase their own health care. I want to double the dividend from $3,500 to $7,000 for every dependent child in America.

I know that the worst thing we could possibly do is to raise taxes on anybody, and a lot of people might be interested in Senator Obama's definition of "rich."

LEHRER: Senator Obama, you have a question for Senator McCain on that?

OBAMA: Well, let me just make a couple of points.

LEHRER: All right.

OBAMA: My definition -- here's what I can tell the American people: 95 percent of you will get a tax cut. And if you make less than $250,000, less than a quarter-million dollars a year, then you will not see one dime's worth of tax increase.

Now, John mentioned the fact that business taxes on paper are high in this country, and he's absolutely right. Here's the problem: There are so many loopholes that have been written into the tax code, oftentimes with support of Senator McCain, that we actually see our businesses pay effectively one of the lowest tax rates in the world.

And what that means, then, is that there are people out there who are working every day, who are not getting a tax cut, and you want to give them more.

It's not like you want to close the loopholes. You just want to add an additional tax cut over the loopholes. And that's a problem.

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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Washington Times - Tony Blankley: Media covering for Babykiller Baracka (But you knew that)

"The image of Barack Obama that the press has presented is not a fair approximation of the real man. They have consciously ignored whole years in his life, and showed a lack of curiosity about such gaps that bespeaks a lack of journalistic instinct. Thus, the public image of Mr. Obama is of a "Man who never was." I take that phrase from a 1956 movie about a real life WWII British intelligence operation to trick the Germans into thinking the Allies were going to invade Greece, rather than Italy, in 1943. Operation "Mincemeat" involved the acquisition of a human corpse dressed as a Maj. William Martin, R.M. and put into the sea near Spain. Attached to the corpse was a brief-case containing fake letters suggesting that the Allied attack would be against Sardinia and Greece.

To make the operation credible, British intelligence created a fictional life for the corpse — a letter from a lover, tickets to a London theater, all the details of a life — but not the actual life of the dead young man whose corpse was being used. So, too, the man the media has presented to the nation as Mr. Obama is not the real man.

The mainstream media ruthlessly and endlessly repeats any McCain gaffes, while ignoring Obama gaffes. You have to go to weird little Internet sites to see all the stammering and stuttering that Mr. Obama needs before getting out a sentence fragment or two. But all you see on the networks is an eventual one or two clear sentences from Mr. Obama.

Nor do you see Mr. Obama's ludicrous gaffe that Iran is a tiny country and no threat to us. Nor his 57 American states gaffe. Nor his forgetting, if he ever knew, that Russia has a veto in the United Nations. Nor his whining and puerile "come on" when he is being challenged. This is the kind of editing one would expect from Goebbels' disciples, not Cronkite's.

More appalling, NBC's "Saturday Night Live" suggested that Gov. Sarah Palin's husband had sex with his own daughters. That scene was written with the assistance of Al Franken, Democratic Party candidate for Senate in Minnesota. Talk about incest. "

Read it all here


Great game. Aaron Rodgers will get there Packer fans, give him time. But for now, the Ratman Ratliff says it all...


What do you get when you combine a chump plus change?

My brother found this one...hilarious

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Flashback motivation: Eduardo Verastegui's (Bella, Chasing Papi) pro-life testimony

To mark the beginning of the 40 days for life campaign, here is some great motivation You may want to skip the cheezmo intro...heh)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

40 days for life

40 days for life starts tomorrow. I'm going to be heading to the Planned Parenthood abortion mill with some family armed with our rosaries. I think this is going to be a big event and should get plenty of media coverage to help bring awareness to the people. I think Father Frank Pavone is right, people still do not fully comprehend abortion, they have never seen abortion. If Americans actually took the time to witness the barbarity of an abortion, it would be rejected hand over fist in America. It's been so watered down by the left, termed a 'medical procedure' etc, which has completely pulled the wool over the American people about the truth. Hopefully 40 days for Life can do some damage to the truly satanic practice of killing babies...Let's go people!

40 days for life

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Uber-Rebel Margaret Cho is attracted to transgendered people?

I'm not a fan of Margaret Cho, I think she hopelessly lost and naively trying to be the champion of any and all non-hetero, non-white people (unless they are transgendered or homosexual). But this just takes the cake. She cannot be honest here saying she is attracted to transgendered people. Nothing against transgendered people, though I have a lot of sympathy and pity for these very lost souls who probably had very unfair childhoods.

But c'mon, I'm not buying that she is sincerely attracted to transgendered. Wendy Williams is like, alrighty then!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Jawa Report nails the Palin interview by the prosecutor Gibson

Jawa Report

"Charlie Gibson Interviews Barack Obama

In his interview with Sarah Palin, it seemed to me to be pretty clear that Gibson was bound and determined to trip her up, working desperately for a "gotcha" moment, twisting her words to make it seem that she said something she didn't, accusing her of being guilty of hubris for even agreeing to run for VP.

Nonetheless, it occurs to me that maybe Charlie Gibson is just a tough interviewer. Maybe he sees that as his job.

Here's Gibson's recent interview with The Messiah. You be the judge.

No questions about Jeremiah Wright, Tony Rezko, Michael Phleger, William Ayers or foreign policy. No questions about his myriad changes of positions on issues like national defense and wire-tapping. The only prodding Gibson gave was on The Messiah's complete abandonment of principle for expediency in abandoning public financing--and even that was light as a feather.

A few examples of Gibson's questions:

GIBSON: Do you worry that [the 2008 race] could turn on race, age and class?...

GIBSON: Is the hardest part of all this behind you or ahead of you?...

GIBSON: The picture of you in the paper, this morning, with your wife, watching the Clinton speech. What did you think of the Clinton speech?...

GIBSON: And finally your daughters. What did they say to you? Did they take it as a matter of course that Daddy could be nominated to be president? They never knew what older people know in terms of discrimination, although they may still feel some. What did they say about that?...

GIBSON: I watched closely your countenance last night, your mien, as you stood in that hall. You didn't smile much. Has the joyfulness of this hit home yet? Do you take joy from it?...

These guys aren't even TRYING to look neutral anymore..."

Another hammer hitting the nail on the the head was an email into Fox and Friends this morning, "this interview was far more prosecutorial than journalistic". Bingo.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Obama on US Military reprise

Reposting this from a few months ago. The incriminating video of Obama stating specifically how he will defund and weaken the US military is no longer available, of course, with lefty google, but luckily I captured Captain Naivete's own words. Prescient now more than ever. Scariest to me is his decision to not weaponize space. Could that not be the greatest gift from the US to China in the history of the United States. Who cares about Islamofascism, which true, could deal serious damage to us, but China owning space is absolute GAME OVER for the US. Obama is a messiah alright, China's messiah. Obama will deliver the United States head on a platter to Communism.

Hopefully, John McCain and the future of REAL conservatism, Sarah Palin, will keep Obama frustrated and sinking further and further in the polls.

If he is serious about these campaign promises,

Barack Obama promises to:
- Stop research on missle defense systems
Why on earth would he want to stop research on missle defense? There are real threats out there such as China and Russia who are serious missle threats. Even if our missle defense is unproven, (though we did recently shoot down a satellite successfully on the first shot) it is still a bargaining chip against China and Russia. As long as they fear it, it is working as an active deterrent. Why would we announce to the world we're stopping all research on missle defense? It makes no sense. Is Obama really that naive? He really thinks China and Russia can be trusted? It has been said that a country thinks of other countries in the world no better than it treats its people. I have no reason to believe otherwise, but I guess Obama thinks the US is the exception to the rule.

- Not weaponize space
China is furiously trying to weaponize space. This is his promise that scares me the most. I think he believes this sounds good on the campaign trail. I think he believes that 'not weaponizing space' will make us less 'militaristic', less 'imperialistic'. But nothing could be further from the truth. Nothing could be more dangerous. The one who loses space, loses any conventional ground war. Does Obama have even the remotest clue what will happen in a war if China has the ability to take out our satellites? We are sitting ducks. No communication. That almost guarantees a Chinese victory in war. But before that, when we announce we would not weaponize space, it is really nothing more than a clear signal that US military might continues to erode, possibly to the point eventually where chances of Chinese success in war become more and more tempting.

- Slow development of future combat systems
Not much detail here, but sounds just as wreckless and naive as the previous two. Is this part of some some peace dividend mentality, while we're at war? Is this really part of the budget in our perilous times that needs pruning? Obama does not believe having a cutting edge military should be a top priority? This is just stunning to me. But hey, I guess this means I'll get my free flu shot! Yeah baby!

- A No Nuke world
I can't even continue. This is just too much. There is nothing new about Barack Obama. He is just an old school leftist who still believes in Utopia. "Hope". I hope you don't get us all annihilated Mr. Obama.

But I do ask the question again: why even have a military. If he makes good on all these plans of his, we would be so disadvantaged, there would be no way to win against an enemy like China. And when this becomes easily understood by the communist Chinese government, it's then only a matter of time.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Interview with personal hero, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Abort73, finally a well funded, ass kicking anti-abortion website/organization.


Drop your cox and grab your sox, this site is the call to arms like no other.

Obama voted against the Born Alive Act?

Either Obama has sold his soul, or he has no soul at all.

More to come. This is unbelievable.

At least for me, I find this commercial wildly motivating....

I am Sarah Palin

A few of the top conservative bloggers throw it down...


Monday, September 08, 2008

Opinion: Does Barack Obama Support Infanticide? - Catholic Online

Opinion: Does Barack Obama Support Infanticide? - Catholic Online: "If Obama is so beholden to the abortion lobby that he will not lift a finger to help tiny victims of abortion who are fighting for life, then he is even more radical on the abortion issue than any other sitting senator, including Hillary Clinton. This would explain why he simply didn’t voted “present” on the BAIPA bill, as he did on so many other pieces of controversial legislation while a state legislator. He was too busy trying to ingratiate himself with the abortion industry, perhaps with the thought of running for the Senate seat from Illinois that he later won.

But now he is running for president, and must be held to a higher standard. That’s why his behavior when caught lying about his record is so troubling. Not only did he immediately begin to dissemble like any run-of-the-mill politician, he launched an attack on his accusers. Entrusting the highest office in the land—along with control of the FBI and the IRS--to someone who does not believe that all Americans are worthy of protection, and who tends to aggressively attack his critics, gives one pause."

Sarah Palin on Charlie Rose Last year

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Hotair.com destroys the Obama campaign in their trashing fo the American flags from DNC Convention

Read it all.

Hot Air » Blog Archive » The Recycled Flags of the DNCC; Update: Pathetic spin by Team O: "Democrats brought out tens of thousands of American flags to Invesco Field, saluting Barack Obama as he spoke from the Styrofoam columns of the Barackopolis at the conclusion of the Democratic convention. Perhaps some of them took the flags home as souvenirs, but where did the rest go? According to David Harsanyi, they went into the trash — and would have gone to a landfill, except for a worker at Invesco who rescued them from the dumpsters:"

Biden was a mess on Meet the Press, spineless on abortion

I am used to seeing a more animated Biden. He was flat this morning. He gave the talking points with uncharacteristic listlessness. It was bizarre. It begs the question if he really has any fire in the belly with this lacksidaisical performance. Or is this just the prep of Hillary stepping in to take Biden's place...as Rush suggested, Obama might pull this tactic, Biden might have to leave the race because of some 'illness', and oh it's a shame, but we're going to go ahead and put Hillary on the ticket since Joe can't carry on....food for thought.

At any rate, his stance on abortion was pathetic, but what do you expect. He admits that he believes life begins at conception, which is where the Catholic Church clearly stands, as Nancy Pelosi inexplicably seems unable to ascertain. So Biden states that well, his deal is that he doesn't want to force his beliefs on other people of other religions who believe that life does not begin at conception. Way to stand up for your convictions there Joe. Don't go anywhere near the Communion rail Joe with all that blood of innocent babies on your hand Joe. You spineless jackass.

We don't know the half of Barack Obama

Conservatives need to press further on Bill Ayers, Rezko, and a host of other issues in a very shady past littered with holes and gaps of Obama's past.

Obama Should Come Clean On Ayers, Rezko And the Iraqi Billionaire

Aides claim Mr. Obama "has taken voluntary transparency steps" that allow "his constituents, the media and his political opponents to fully examine him." In reality, anyone questioning the approved story line is liable to be ignored, misled or even bullied. This isn't what reporters expected when Mr. Obama began campaigning for a "new politics" that would bring honesty and openness to government.

Walking the rows of media outlets at the Denver convention, I had no trouble finding reporters who complained the campaign was secretive and evasive. Ben Smith of Politico.com has written about Team Obama's "pattern of rarely volunteering information or documents, even when relatively innocuous." Politico asked months ago if Mr. Obama had ever written anything for the Harvard Law Review as a student. The Obama campaign responded narrowly, with a Clintonesque statement that "as the president of the Law Review, Obama didn't write articles, he edited and reviewed them." This month it turned out Mr. Obama had written an article — but it was published a month before he became president.

Chasing the rest of Mr. Obama's paper trail is often an exercise in frustration. Mr. Obama says his state senate records "could have been thrown out" and he didn't keep a schedule in office. No one appears to have kept a copy of his application for the Illinois Bar. He has released only a single page of medical records, versus 1,000 pages for John McCain.

Sarah Palin, one year ago

Impressive. The debate with Biden will be a dandy.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Obamacures.com gins up a dandy

60 Days to expose Barrack "the Babykiller" Obama

Operation Rescue:

"As you know by now, Obama officially has the nomination of the pro-death Democratic Party. Money is flowing into his campaign from the radical homosexuals, God-haters, and baby-killers all over the country.

The mainstream news media has a “crush” on Obama. In their eyes, he can do no wrong—and he represents America’s new “savior.” Why, Obama even refers to himself as America’s savior!!!

But nowhere is it revealed to the American people that Obama is more pro-abortion than Bill and Hillary Clinton. . .Nancy Pelosi. . .and Ted Kennedy combined!

You see, Obama has made it unequivocally clear that he will strike down ALL restrictions on abortions—and see to it that Roe v. Wade NEVER gets overturned!

This man scares me. And the fact that he is neck-and-neck with John McCain—and in some polls, leading McCain—scares me even more.

And I get really alarmed when I look at the calendar! It’s hard to believe, but. . .

We Have ONLY 60 DAYS to
To the American People!

You see, the American people are overwhelmingly pro-life—especially when it comes to the despicable practice of late-term abortion, which Barack Obama fully supports!"


Friday, September 05, 2008


They play Barracuda at conclusion of RNC Convention with Sarah Palin on stage. Far surpasses any moment at the DNC Convention bar none.

Hat tip to Hotair.com for the perfect sync. 

Dumbass David Letterman had a skit highlighting how boring the RNC is with fake footage of boring people doing lame dances and whatnot. Letterman is just a stooge hack who is fast becoming irrelevant. He is also getting difficult to look at, no offense Dave, but you've got a face for radio these days. Wink wink. Can't wait till Palin comes on your show. She's going to own you.

Barrack the Baby Killer on O'Reilly

Part One:

There will be three other segments on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. The Babykiller actually does farely well here, but the problem with this man is that he is extraordinaly hard to trust. We have nothing but words from him. I have no idea if he means what he says. Should be very interesting to see what he says in the other 3 segments of this interview. But I also give props to Babykiller for showing up. 

The Raconteurs: American Rock n' Roll is back baby!

Cover of Rich Kid Blues.Great stuff.

Amazing track, Consolers of the Lonely.

What a solo

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Dennis Prager made a great point

Was listening to Prager during my lunch hour and he made a fantastic point concerning the brazen, shameless hypocrisy of the left and the media. It was none of the public's business that a sitting President, Bill Clinton had oral sex in the Oval Office, but it IS the public's business to be fully informed on the sex lives of candidates children.

There is going to be a revolt against these monsters in the media. Mark my words.

Must See Fred Thompson Speech from RNC Convention

Amazing stuff.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Interstate Batteries!! WOW!

Here's the new commercial by Interstate Batteries pleading for more of God's Love in our daily lives:

Click here to visit their website and get more on the background story.


New lifetime customer for Interstate Batteries, right here.

Conservatives have found their voice with Palin on the Scene


RealCatholicTV.com up and running

Hmm, doesn't appear to be working quite yet with embed code, but you can go to reacatholictv.com and watch. 

They sure have a pretty player though!

Nuff Said!

Hat tip: Knowledge Is Power:

Opinion: Sarah Palin is Truly Pro-Life, Daughter Bristol has Made the Right Choice

Catholic Online:

First of all, Sarah Palin is a woman who lives what she proclaims. She is truly pro-life. She and her husband Todd knew that their last child, Trigg, had an extra chromosome. He was a “Downs” child. What did they do? They welcomed him as a special gift and showed the whole world that every human life is a gift to be received and not a “problem” to be “dealt with” by the always deadly “choice”, of abortion.

Now, the news has emerged that Sarah and Todd’s seventeen year old daughter, Bristol, is pregnant with her own child. Yes, pregnant outside of marriage. Well, I understand what they are going through. Having raised five children, including three daughters,it does happen. We cannot make our children’s choices for them. We can only pray that when one of those choices results in the gift of life out of the ordinary course, they will choose to respect the life of the child conceived. I have lived this as a father, and as a grandfather, and I resent the arrogance of those who now raise it in an effort to discredit Sarah Palin.

In fact, the Palin's have only confirmed me in my conviction that the Governor of Alaska is a great asset to John McCain and just the kind of leader which we need to stand at the side of the next President of the United States.Bristol Palin acknowledges that she is five months pregnant and unmarried. She and the father of this child have properly exercised their freedom of choice. They have done so morally. They have chosen life. They have also decided not to offer this gift of life for adoption. That is also a moral choice. Bristol will give birth to this child, not abort him or her. She and the father of the baby will marry in the future.

Did some damage in Port A last weekend

We ate some of the snapper last night, came out fantastic. We're all still massively inebriated in this pic. Great weekend.

Photo of the day

Keep up your petty attacks on Palin, you leftards. It's only fueling us. That's the last thing you need to be doing after Palin has already ignited the conservative base ablaze with excitement and renewed determination. All the lefty bloggers are doing is generating an incredible buzz that will attract a maximum number of people to watch Palin's speech at the convention. And we all know she's going to knock that out of the park.

Bring on Biden!!!

Free us from this obnoxious commercial

We the American People are no longer asking the leaders of wecansolveit.com. Free us now from this commercial.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Blowhard Doofus Joe Biden

Tonight on H&C, Alan Colmes gave Karl Rove a hard time because he called Joe Biden a 'blowhard doofus', off the record. It for another reason, not the video below, but if you watch the video below, you'll quickly see Biden is quite in fact, a blowhard doofus.

Courtesy HotAir