Sunday, September 07, 2008

Biden was a mess on Meet the Press, spineless on abortion

I am used to seeing a more animated Biden. He was flat this morning. He gave the talking points with uncharacteristic listlessness. It was bizarre. It begs the question if he really has any fire in the belly with this lacksidaisical performance. Or is this just the prep of Hillary stepping in to take Biden's Rush suggested, Obama might pull this tactic, Biden might have to leave the race because of some 'illness', and oh it's a shame, but we're going to go ahead and put Hillary on the ticket since Joe can't carry for thought.

At any rate, his stance on abortion was pathetic, but what do you expect. He admits that he believes life begins at conception, which is where the Catholic Church clearly stands, as Nancy Pelosi inexplicably seems unable to ascertain. So Biden states that well, his deal is that he doesn't want to force his beliefs on other people of other religions who believe that life does not begin at conception. Way to stand up for your convictions there Joe. Don't go anywhere near the Communion rail Joe with all that blood of innocent babies on your hand Joe. You spineless jackass.

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