Monday, December 15, 2008

'The Chicago Way'

Obama, Blago and 'The Chicago Way'

As Barack Obama, other sundry Democrat politicians and their willing accomplices in the liberal media scurry around like a pack of alley rats in a dark corner disturbed by a flashlight, I can't help gloating just a little bit. I mean, who in America is really surprised by the recent criminal charges brought against Rod Blagojevich, the embattled governor of Illinois who up to a few days ago was a good friend and a close political ally of President-elect Barack Obama?

Since I lived and worked in Chicago for several years (1994-97), I understand the milieu of Chicagoland and am familiar with "The Chicago Way." What is this phenomenon? Think a Midwest version of "Tammany Hall" – the legendary corrupt Democratic political machine in New York from the 1790s to 1960s.

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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

To Whom Much is Given: Surviving the Massacre in Mumbai | Catholic Exchange

To Whom Much is Given: Surviving the Massacre in Mumbai | Catholic Exchange

"As I placed my bag on the table I heard a loud gunshot, which I recognized from my years living in South Africa to be the distinctive snap of an AK-47 assault rifle. Hearing another shot a second later, I looked at Eugene and said, “Run, that’s AK!”

We streaked away from the gunfire toward the nearest exit as the terrorists were entering the hotel lobby from various points. I smashed through the doors toward the pool area and ducked into some bushes as the gunfire grew in intensity. I realized Eugene did not make it out of the lobby."

Hey Youssef, watch out for your cornhole bud!

Train Bomber Trial Verdict
DUESSELDORF, GERMANY - DECEMBER 09: The Lebanese Youssef Mohammed E.H.D. is seen in the courtroom of the county court Duesseldorf on December 9, 2008 in Duesseldorf, Germany. Youssef Mohammed E.H.D. is suspected to be one of two people who allegedly placed bombs on regional trains in Cologne last summer and is now sentenced to life. (Photo by Friedemann Vogel/Getty Images)