Monday, March 31, 2008

When you hate your job

What to do when you hate your job. What. to. do.

I am in that unsavory position of making a decent salary considering my prestigious History degree at the prestigious University of Texas at San Antonio; however, while earning that salary celery stickery, my wits and my zest for living life fall through my fingers. How I miss my mojo, my zest. Is it worth the money. My wife sure as hell thinks so. And I can't blame her I suppose. What do they say...First you make yourself sick making money, only to later pay money to not be sick, or some such adage. You get the idea.

Well, a friend suggests the Border Patrol. He is fresh out of academy and loves it quite a lot. I would, but it would be Eagle Pass My Ass from wife. So, not an option I'm afraid, and again, I can't hold it against her. The border towns are war right now, let me say God Bless our men who wear the Border Patrol uniform and God Bless their wives and children. But, Border Patrol may yet be in my future, so let's not count me out just yet.

I guess this difficulty is how the Wise get wise. I guess.

Oh buck up myself.

Calling Schweggie's mojo. Calling Schweggie's mojo!

I think I'll go have a beer. Good night.

Greg Gutfeld nails 9/11 Truthers

The Daily Gut: "People embrace conspiracies out of narcissism. They want you to believe they're smarter than you, that you're a victim of false consciousness."

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Obama Bubble about to burst?

Check the details at Atlas. What was a small odor a few weeks ago has now turned into full on stench. I don't know how Obama survives if, like Atlas contends, the media "put down their pom poms and do their job".

Atlas Shrugs: Obama's $1,000,000 Fix for Michelle: "Obama's $1,000,000 Fix for Michelle"

Friday, March 14, 2008

Uh Oh Bararck!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

HAHAHAHA Go baby go! Bring em down! - Anti-Union Group Offers 'Worst' Teachers $10G to Quit - Local News | News Articles | National News | US News: "An anti-union group in Washington, D.C., is asking for nominations for 'The 10 Worst Teachers' in America, so that it can offer them $10,000 each to quit their careers.

The Center for Union Facts hopes that offering severance packages to poorly performing instructors will spark a debate on how hard it is to fire bad teachers, MyFOXDC reports.

The group is spending $1 million on ads and a billboard in New York's Times Square, as well as launching a Web site with data documenting how far it says unions go to protect bad teachers.

Each of the teachers who 'wins' the contest will receive a $10,000 severance package if they sign a release agreeing to have their name and the reasons for their selection published by the group, MyFOXDC reports."

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Things can only get better


Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5

Just wow.

Veggie Tales: Jonah!

Thank you You can now embed entire movies and TV shows.

STD's in teenage women soar

The media is in horror at the number of STD's found in teenage girls according to a new report. Well what do expect geniuses? Hollywood movies and tv, the current music scene, and public schools? Why the shock? Wake up and smell the coffee.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Mad Falsetto

Gig em Castro!

Bye Bye FOX News

I can't take it anymore...I just can't take it. Yes, FOX slants right, yes it gets out the conservative, pro-American viewpoint more than CNN, which usually is very left of center and just downright depressing to watch sometimes. But I've now chosen Headline News from CNN as my cable news outlet. Headline news is right down the middle for the most part. It's hard to find a bias, and with Glenn Beck, he pushes the network right, if anything.

So anyways, why am I leaving FOX? They are mixing far too much infotainment in with regular stories in my opinion. It's watering the network down, badly. Also, it's a Modus Operandi of late to include as many raunchy stories as possible. O'Reilly is particularly bad. They seem to find any excuse to show footage of strippers, or scantily clad women as a supplement to the news story. Today was no exception with Spitzer. With Sheperd Smith's show, while he was reviewing the story, they showed a women in lingerie, over and over. It was in my mind over the top. Maybe I'm too puritanical. But I'm done, I can't take it anymore. Headline News at least categorizes it. You'll get the infotainment crap on "Showbiz Tonight". Over at FOX, they just mix in the bullcrap wherever.

Wonder when Fox and Friends are going to have back on the WWE spokesman talk about their PPV success and how they're expanding. I'm sorry, how is that news again?

Spitzer sure likes to 'work it out'

First he works it out with his ho's now he's trying to work it out to stay in as governor. You stay sleazy Spitz...

Latin Mass in San Antonio

I went with the family to a "Motu Propio" Mass or Latin Mass at St. Pius X here in San Antonio. It was the parish designated for the Arch Diocese of San Antonio as the church that would begin the Motu Proprio Mass.  It was just as fantastic as I had imagined. Solemn, reverant. Real worship.  No tambourines. The Priest was older, his Latin was very good, he's obviously said Latin Mass many many times before, pre-Vatican II. I think you will see a movement towards the Latin Mass as time goes on. More details to come.

Spitzer goes down

We're all hypocrites, I'm not going to pile on, but
dude needs to resign, post haste. That's the right
thing to do right now. Don't drag this on Spitz, just

Monday, March 10, 2008


Obama and the Pet Rock

National Review
Victor Davis Hanson

In fall 1975 I remember sitting in the Stanford student lounge watching two apparently educated and bright students compare their pet rocks, as the craze spread all over Silicon Valley and then went national. By summer few would admit they had purchased one. Never underestimate the ability of mass wired consumer society to go hysterical.

Something like that happened with the Obama campaign in mid-February, as he became the new generation's pet rock. No one knew what he had done; no one knew what he would do; no one cared whether they knew; all only wanted to be a part of it. It was a sort of self-described "movement" to "change the world," that offered absolution for all sorts of sins, real and imagined, of commission and omission, an atonement for past and present, here and abroad.

And now, as some people wake up from their pet rock purchase, they are seeing they've de facto nominated someone rated about the Senate's most liberal senator based on three years of experience there. The Democrats have boxed them into a situation of running a candidate that has out-sourced all negative attacks to the New York Times, political junkies and columnists, in order to remain above the fray and loyal to the "new" politics of change and hope.

Iraq is quieting not flaring up, even as the Obama rhetoric about it as the "worst" something or other stays fossilized—and his advisors turn to his NAFTA-like two-step of leaking that you really don't quite mean the flight that you've promised on the stump.

Democrats will have to run against a Republican moderate in states like California, Florida, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, and Texas that their candidate lost in the primary, after a nasty fight in which Sen. Clinton finished as the surger. Already commentators on television— long biased in favor of Obama and apparently without embarrassment or recognition of how they sound—explain that Obama will win this or that state because it has a caucus instead of direct voting or has a large African-American electorate—and therefore in contrast he will probably lose a key state like Pennsylvania since it doesn't. And this is passed off apparently as praise of his strength than criticism of his eroding support.

If Hillary twists arms to overturn the Byzantine nominating process, Obama could hardly serve as her VP since he could imagine the sorts of humiliations in store as payback for his upstart campaign. In turn she would suspect that his inexperience would lead to a Carter-like presidency, and therefore would not wish to replay a Mondale in 2012 or 2016.

Sober Democrats are starting to worry, caught between the pet rock of the Obama fad and the hard place of giving the nomination in back-room fashion to Clinton, Inc.— the masters of the much denounced back room.

Friday, March 07, 2008 Top Nine "Changes" Barack Obama Would Make as President::By John Hawkins Top Nine "Changes" Barack Obama Would Make as President::By John Hawkins: "If you boil Obama's appeal down to its essential core, most of his supporters seem to like him because he's a relatively young, charismatic, black man who talks a lot about 'change,' 'unity,' and the 'audacity of hope.'"

Part of the greatness that was the 80's

Bad news....

Court's homeschool ban creating 'panic': "A ruling from an appeals court in California that a homeschooling family must enroll their children in a public school or 'legally qualified' private school is alarming because of the way the court opted to order those results, according to a team of legislative analysts who have worked on homeschooling issues in California for decades."

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Top ten reasons to support ANWR development

It's time to start banging the drums about domestic drilling. Last week a restaurant owner from Delaware called into the Rush Limbaugh and with the focus of a laser, and laid out the solution for the economic woes of our country. Drilling in ANWR, the Gulf of Mexico, and off shore Florida. It's a must read, and has prompted me to start raising awareness again for the necessity of drilling in ANWR. This keeps our economy strong while we attempt to learn our lesson from the other causes of our economic slowdown ie, borrowing like drunken sailors, being consumer credit whores etc.

For now, enjoy the top 10 reasons to drill:

Arctic Power - Arctic National Wildlife Refuge - Top ten reasons to support ANWR development

1. Only 8% of ANWR Would Be Considered for Exploration Only the 1.5 million acre or 8% on the northern coast of ANWR is being considered for development. The remaining 17.5 million acres or 92% of ANWR will remain permanently closed to any kind of development. If oil is discovered, less than 2000 acres of the over 1.5 million acres of the Coastal Plain would be affected. That¹s less than half of one percent of ANWR that would be affected by production activity.

2. Revenues to the State and Federal Treasury Federal revenues would be enhanced by billions of dollars from bonus bids, lease rentals, royalties and taxes. Estimates on bonus bids for ANWR by the Office of Management and Budget and the Department of Interior for the first 5 years after Congressional approval are 4.2 billion dollars.

3. Jobs To Be Created Between 250,000 and 735,000 ANWR jobs are estimated to be created by development of the Coastal Plain.

4. Economic Impact Between 1977 and 2004, North Slope oil field development and production activity contributed over $50 billion to the nations economy, directly impacting each state in the union.

5. America's Best Chance for a Major Discovery The Coastal Plain of ANWR is America's best possibility for the discovery of another giant "Prudhoe Bay-sized" oil and gas discovery in North America. U.S. Department of Interior estimates range from 9 to 16 billion barrels of recoverable oil.

6. North Slope Production in Decline The North Slope oil fields currently provide the U.S. with nearly 16% of it's domestic production and since 1988 this production has been on the decline. Peak production was reached in 1980 of two million barrels a day, but has been declining to a current level of 943,000 barrels a day.

7. Imported Oil Too Costly In 2004 the US imported an average of 58% of its oil and during certain months up to 64%. That equates to over $150 billion in oil imports and over $170 billion including refined petroleum products. That¹s $19.9 million dollars an hour! Including defence costs the number would be nearly a trillion dollars.

8. No Negative Impact on Animals Oil and gas development and wildlife are successfully coexisting in Alaska 's arctic. For example, the Central Arctic Caribou Herd (CACH) which migrates through Prudhoe Bay has grown from 3000 animals to its current level of 32,000 animals. The arctic oil fields have very healthy brown bear, fox and bird populations equal to their surrounding areas.

9. Arctic Technology Advanced technology has greatly reduced the 'footprint" of arctic oil development. If Prudhoe Bay were built today, the footprint would be 1,526 acres, 64% smaller.

10. Alaskans Support More than 75% of Alaskans favor exploration and production in ANWR. The Inupiat Eskimos who live in and near ANWR support onshore oil development on the Coastal Plain.

My Rasta-texan

Heh, yeah I'm a total Texas partisan hack when it comes to American Idol, but I think I'd be pullin for this guy wherever he's from. Innocent that, compared to gay stripper Hernandez and now Noriega in a video spitting out "Santa raped your mother"...

Go Castro!!

Monday, March 03, 2008

Prince Harry in Afghanistan

This has to be one of the coolest pictures in a long time. British royalty out in the frontlines, with US cap to boot. I really need to find one of those hats...just rocks.


Home for insurgents in Iraq. Hope they have homeowners insurance. Teehee.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Planned Parenthood will happily take money from racists

Picked this stunning, but not surprising video from over at

Chilling. Planned Parenthood, all about the Benjamins. No money refused. Even if you're a raging racist. So Planned Parenthood gets punk'd, and exposed for the soulless money grubbing gargoyles they are.

Well shit, why even have a military, Barack?

If he is serious about these campaign promises,

Barack Obama promises to:
- Stop research on missle defense systems
Why on earth would he want to stop research on missle defense? There are real threats out there such as China and Russia who are serious missle threats. Even if our missle defense is unproven, (though we did recently shoot down a satellite successfully on the first shot) it is still a bargaining chip against China and Russia. As long as they fear it, it is working as an active deterrent. Why would we announce to the world we're stopping all research on missle defense? It makes no sense. Is Obama really that naive? He really thinks China and Russia can be trusted? It has been said that a country thinks of other countries in the world no better than it treats its people. I have no reason to believe otherwise, but I guess Obama thinks the US is the exception to the rule.

- Not weaponize space
China is furiously trying to weaponize space. This is his promise that scares me the most. I think he believes this sounds good on the campaign trail. I think he believes that 'not weaponizing space' will make us less 'militaristic', less 'imperialistic'. But nothing could be further from the truth. Nothing could be more dangerous. The one who loses space, loses any conventional ground war. Does Obama have even the remotest clue what will happen in a war if China has the ability to take out our satellites? We are sitting ducks. No communication. That almost guarantees a Chinese victory in war. But before that, when we announce we would not weaponize space, it is really nothing more than a clear signal that US military might continues to erode, possibly to the point eventually where chances of Chinese success in war become more and more tempting.

- Slow development of future combat systems
Not much detail here, but sounds just as wreckless and naive as the previous two. Is this part of some some peace dividend mentality, while we're at war? Is this really part of the budget in our perilous times that needs pruning? Obama does not believe having a cutting edge military should be a top priority? This is just stunning to me. But hey, I guess this means I'll get my free flu shot! Yeah baby!

- A No Nuke world
I can't even continue. This is just too much. There is nothing new about Barack Obama. He is just an old school leftist who still believes in Utopia. "Hope". I hope you don't get us all annihilated Mr. Obama.

But I do ask the question again: why even have a military. If he makes good on all these plans of his, we would be so disadvantaged, there would be no way to win against an enemy like China. And when this becomes easily understood by the communist Chinese government, it's then only a matter of time.