Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Bye Bye FOX News

I can't take it anymore...I just can't take it. Yes, FOX slants right, yes it gets out the conservative, pro-American viewpoint more than CNN, which usually is very left of center and just downright depressing to watch sometimes. But I've now chosen Headline News from CNN as my cable news outlet. Headline news is right down the middle for the most part. It's hard to find a bias, and with Glenn Beck, he pushes the network right, if anything.

So anyways, why am I leaving FOX? They are mixing far too much infotainment in with regular stories in my opinion. It's watering the network down, badly. Also, it's a Modus Operandi of late to include as many raunchy stories as possible. O'Reilly is particularly bad. They seem to find any excuse to show footage of strippers, or scantily clad women as a supplement to the news story. Today was no exception with Spitzer. With Sheperd Smith's show, while he was reviewing the story, they showed a women in lingerie, over and over. It was in my mind over the top. Maybe I'm too puritanical. But I'm done, I can't take it anymore. Headline News at least categorizes it. You'll get the infotainment crap on "Showbiz Tonight". Over at FOX, they just mix in the bullcrap wherever.

Wonder when Fox and Friends are going to have back on the WWE spokesman talk about their PPV success and how they're expanding. I'm sorry, how is that news again?

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