Saturday, March 01, 2008

Well shit, why even have a military, Barack?

If he is serious about these campaign promises,

Barack Obama promises to:
- Stop research on missle defense systems
Why on earth would he want to stop research on missle defense? There are real threats out there such as China and Russia who are serious missle threats. Even if our missle defense is unproven, (though we did recently shoot down a satellite successfully on the first shot) it is still a bargaining chip against China and Russia. As long as they fear it, it is working as an active deterrent. Why would we announce to the world we're stopping all research on missle defense? It makes no sense. Is Obama really that naive? He really thinks China and Russia can be trusted? It has been said that a country thinks of other countries in the world no better than it treats its people. I have no reason to believe otherwise, but I guess Obama thinks the US is the exception to the rule.

- Not weaponize space
China is furiously trying to weaponize space. This is his promise that scares me the most. I think he believes this sounds good on the campaign trail. I think he believes that 'not weaponizing space' will make us less 'militaristic', less 'imperialistic'. But nothing could be further from the truth. Nothing could be more dangerous. The one who loses space, loses any conventional ground war. Does Obama have even the remotest clue what will happen in a war if China has the ability to take out our satellites? We are sitting ducks. No communication. That almost guarantees a Chinese victory in war. But before that, when we announce we would not weaponize space, it is really nothing more than a clear signal that US military might continues to erode, possibly to the point eventually where chances of Chinese success in war become more and more tempting.

- Slow development of future combat systems
Not much detail here, but sounds just as wreckless and naive as the previous two. Is this part of some some peace dividend mentality, while we're at war? Is this really part of the budget in our perilous times that needs pruning? Obama does not believe having a cutting edge military should be a top priority? This is just stunning to me. But hey, I guess this means I'll get my free flu shot! Yeah baby!

- A No Nuke world
I can't even continue. This is just too much. There is nothing new about Barack Obama. He is just an old school leftist who still believes in Utopia. "Hope". I hope you don't get us all annihilated Mr. Obama.

But I do ask the question again: why even have a military. If he makes good on all these plans of his, we would be so disadvantaged, there would be no way to win against an enemy like China. And when this becomes easily understood by the communist Chinese government, it's then only a matter of time.

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