Monday, March 31, 2008

When you hate your job

What to do when you hate your job. What. to. do.

I am in that unsavory position of making a decent salary considering my prestigious History degree at the prestigious University of Texas at San Antonio; however, while earning that salary celery stickery, my wits and my zest for living life fall through my fingers. How I miss my mojo, my zest. Is it worth the money. My wife sure as hell thinks so. And I can't blame her I suppose. What do they say...First you make yourself sick making money, only to later pay money to not be sick, or some such adage. You get the idea.

Well, a friend suggests the Border Patrol. He is fresh out of academy and loves it quite a lot. I would, but it would be Eagle Pass My Ass from wife. So, not an option I'm afraid, and again, I can't hold it against her. The border towns are war right now, let me say God Bless our men who wear the Border Patrol uniform and God Bless their wives and children. But, Border Patrol may yet be in my future, so let's not count me out just yet.

I guess this difficulty is how the Wise get wise. I guess.

Oh buck up myself.

Calling Schweggie's mojo. Calling Schweggie's mojo!

I think I'll go have a beer. Good night.

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