Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Cult of Obama: As Drudge dubbed, children sing for their Dear Leader

I can't remember a time when an elected official or presidential candidate has been outright worshipped like this. This is naked propaganda, not to mentions wildly unnatural and creepy. This outfit, though not entirely (ahem) indiciative of the typical Obama supporter, has all the visual appearances of a cult. These children couldn't possibly begin to understand the complexity of the issues swirling around the presidential election this year, which is why I find this so repugnant. Children being used as pawns in a propaganda piece. I would be embarrassed if I were Sentator Obama.

I Found a comment on the youtube page from the one who put this all together, Kathy Sawada (bold mine):

You are exactly right that children don't know about political issues, and for me, that's the point, they are our teachers: I think Obama represents a change of heart, a different worldview, one that is inclusive and that supports individual and mutual responsibility, a point of view that is beyond partisan issues.

What more needs to be said.

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