Friday, September 19, 2008

Save the unborn. Protect the most innocent among us from Barack Obama. He could not care less about the unborn.


Anonymous said...

Abortion is a terrible thing, I wholeheartedly agree... but has the previous administration really done anything meaningful to address the issue? 8 years and what do they have to show on this issue? What makes you so certain McCain will make it a priority when he spends so little time talking about it during his campaign?

Besides, punishing the physicians and mothers is not going to stop women from getting pregnant and being unprepared to take care of their children... the economy and abortions are intertwined and cannot be separated so easily.

Plus, life does not end at birth... we need to take care of the children already here and that won't happen by fighting against schools as John McCain's campaign apparently did when his advisor claimed "the No Child Left Behind act is adequately funded."

Being "pro-life" means significantly more than wanting to overturn Roe v. Wade... please don't oversimplify things.

Really! said...

What has the administration done in the past 8 years? As much as possible in nominating Alito and Roberts to the Supreme Court. That's absolute progress to overturning Roe.

I don't get your point about McCain, whose VP running mate is staunchly pro-life. You do know that Obama is to the left of NARAL, yes?

Strange choice of words, "punishing the physicians and mothers"...punished more than the murdered baby you mean?

I guess I take your point about bettering the public school system, to help out the babies that were not aborted, and I know being pro-life means more than overturning Roe, but step at a time. We need to end Roe and the holocaust of abortion FIRST. Nothing can be oversimplified while Roe still exists and babies are being murdered as I sit here typing.