Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Opinion: Sarah Palin is Truly Pro-Life, Daughter Bristol has Made the Right Choice

Catholic Online:

First of all, Sarah Palin is a woman who lives what she proclaims. She is truly pro-life. She and her husband Todd knew that their last child, Trigg, had an extra chromosome. He was a “Downs” child. What did they do? They welcomed him as a special gift and showed the whole world that every human life is a gift to be received and not a “problem” to be “dealt with” by the always deadly “choice”, of abortion.

Now, the news has emerged that Sarah and Todd’s seventeen year old daughter, Bristol, is pregnant with her own child. Yes, pregnant outside of marriage. Well, I understand what they are going through. Having raised five children, including three daughters,it does happen. We cannot make our children’s choices for them. We can only pray that when one of those choices results in the gift of life out of the ordinary course, they will choose to respect the life of the child conceived. I have lived this as a father, and as a grandfather, and I resent the arrogance of those who now raise it in an effort to discredit Sarah Palin.

In fact, the Palin's have only confirmed me in my conviction that the Governor of Alaska is a great asset to John McCain and just the kind of leader which we need to stand at the side of the next President of the United States.Bristol Palin acknowledges that she is five months pregnant and unmarried. She and the father of this child have properly exercised their freedom of choice. They have done so morally. They have chosen life. They have also decided not to offer this gift of life for adoption. That is also a moral choice. Bristol will give birth to this child, not abort him or her. She and the father of the baby will marry in the future.

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