Monday, August 28, 2006

Gazelle Edge Score B+

Ok, I promised a quick review of the Gazelle Edge I purchased for $94.

Overall, I like it quite a bit. It is really fun with music, and just as well in front of the tv. There are 3 general exercises that work best, leaning forward which works the tri's, leaning back which works the bi's , and the third is treading on it briskly with knees slightly bent. The level of workout denpends on you. The faster you go the more you burn. There are no resistance settings like on the Freestyle, so it is up to you to set the level of workout. If you want a stiff workout, it will deliver. It will drench you in sweat if you want it to. But the cost, mixed with the fun factor, adding the high quality workout, I have to say this is a must own if you are on a budget. I do plan on posting a before and after pic pretty soon. I love this product.

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