Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Liberals and Pro-creation. Let's all laugh.

Liberal politics will prove fruitless as long as liberals refuse to multiply.

Consider future presidential elections in a swing state (like Ohio), and assume that the current patterns in fertility continue. A state that was split 50-50 between left and right in 2004 will tilt right by 2012, 54% to 46%. By 2020, it will be certifiably right-wing, 59% to 41%. A state that is currently 55-45 in favor of liberals (like California) will be 54-46 in favor of conservatives by 2020--and all for no other reason than babies.


And God Bless you conservative women stepping up to the plate and raising good God fearing boys and girls when the world scoffs at you for breeding. FUCK those sheisters. They'll be extinct soon enough.

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