Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Really, thank God for Fox News

Have you ever stopped to think about what the scene might look in this current conflict between Hezbollah and Israel WITHOUT Fox News? I don't mean to be melodramatic...but I shudder at the thought. This is an INTENSELY propagandistic war. In the war of words and images, it is TV that the propaganda war is being fought in real time; not print, not even blogs, sad to say. It is Television.


- Ambassador Giller and other Israeli goverment represenatives being allowed sufficient time to present their position.
- Fox seeks out the best and brightest of the Right to make their case, i.e., Malkin blasting Hezbollah on O'Reilly two nights ago. That kind of in-your-face condemnation of Hezbollah just is not to be found elsewhere.

If the Israeli point of view was not getting out, and if left to the MSM, God knows it wouldn't get far behind would we be? Just imagine for a moment that FNC did not exist. Imagine this whole war between Israel and Hezbollah is being reported by the likes of Katie Couric...Brian Williams...Wolf Blitzer...Anderson Cooper...Keith Olberman....Terry I have to go on? Well, anyways, I don't want to go on a MSM bashing expedition, just Thank God for FNS. That's all.

I encourage those who appreciate what FOX stands for and does, to write a quick note of appreciation.

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