Saturday, September 02, 2006

Miller Beer Sponsors Illegal Immigrant Rally

Debbie Schlussel:

"Add Miller Brewing Company to Anheiser-Busch on the list of brewers that support illegal aliens.

As we noted previously, Anheiser-Busch gives college scholarships to illegal aliens, to the detriment of U.S. citizens who want to go to college but can't afford it. Now, reader Dave H. alerts us that Miller is sponsoring an illegal alien march in the Chicago area, this weekend. Now we know what Miller meant by 'the high life.' Clearly, execs at this company are, indeed, high. . . on something.

Miller gave $30,000 to make the illegal alien event happen, according to The Chicago Tribune."

Go finish the article. It's incredible. It's gotten so out of hand. American Citizens have to start speaking up en masse. We have to be so loud. This is just spiraling out of control. BORDER CONTROL NOW!!!

Go HERE to voice your disgust. I'm going to the 'ask' section and pounding away.

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