Tuesday, September 12, 2006

US citizens need to wake up and do more

As I was watching the Presidential Address last night, just couldn't help but feel that we're not doing enough. Not doing enough on the war on terror. Not doing enough on controlling our border. I'm going to try and spell out the things I've seen other people do with some ideas on our own, soon as I get some time.

Just looking at President Bush last night, he just looks like he's about out of gas. Sure he will forge onwards. Not worried that he's going to roll over, not at all. But he looks...weary. And I thought, for fuck's sake, what are the people doing? Normal everyday people. Any number of things, but I can tell you, their eyes are not on the ball. I'm speaking generally of course. It's like the majority of US citizens do not have an understanding that THEY can do something, THEY actually CAN affect the outcome. I just get the impression that Americans, generally speaking, feel it is the job of the President and the US military to end the war against the Islamic fascists. And it's obvious that Americans need to be empowered to action. There are so many things that can be done, all one needs is an imagination.

I think this is going to be an ongoing theme for my ten's of readers. I want to unite with other bloggers and create a coalition of action. Really get behind the President and our amazing military in concrete ways. The yellow 'Support the Troops' sticker on my car seems so inadequate now. Visiting all the milblogs seems inadequate. It has to be a whole lot more. Action Action Action. We can no longer hold the President and miliary SOLELY accountable while we sit back and watch Monday Night Football, and stuff our faces with junk food, and otherwise carry on with our lives as if nothing at all is going on in the middle east and at our pathetically compromised border. Comment some suggestions. Let's get it started.

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