Sunday, June 17, 2007

Immigration food for thought

WuzzaDem: Crafting Immigration Policy North of the Squalor [Mrs. R.]

True or False?

1. Despite its vast wealth of resources, like oil and natural gas, the Mexican government refuses to provide a large portion of its population a basic education, decent living conditions, standard medical care, business and employment opportunities.

2. For every immigrant who seeks a better life north of the squalor, there are at least two who, for whatever reason, remain in Mexico.

3. If supporters of the Kennedy-McCain immigration bill really cared about the plight of illegal immigrants, they would be more concerned with the conditions that these immigrants were fleeing from, and with those who still live under such conditions.

4. Instead of holding demonstrations in cities across this country, making demands of U.S. officials, pro-illegal immigration activists should be leading protests in Mexico City, making demands of Mexican officials.

5. The only way to effectively resolve a problem is to address the actual source of the problem.

6. If the US was blessed with the kind of leadership needed to tackle tough problems, our president and members of Congress would be exerting more, not less, pressure on the Mexican government to care and provide for its own citizens.

7. Countries and governments who deprive their citizens basic education, decent living conditions, standard medical care, business and employment opportunities are perfect places for terrorists to set up shop.

8. If a country like the United States cannot find some way to negotiate a resolution to this problem with Mexican officials, there are more problems brewing south of the border than leaders in this country care to acknowledge or address.

If you answered "True" to any of the above questions, shame on you! Your views are not representative of the president, those running for president, or members of Congress.

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