Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The Most Powerful Name in Bullcrap

So this morning I'm up and getting ready for work and I'm drinking my coffee and I flip on Fox News. They show Ann Coulter showing a promo for her new book, good interview, and I'm peachy. Then they have a story about Britney losing custody of her kids. This gets me instantly cranky. What the hell do I care. Why the hell should anyone care in this environment? We have a war in Irag and Afghanistan, we are about to get hit with another terrorist attack all too soon, democrats and Rinos are selling us down the river with treasonous open borders legislation proposals and measures to defund the war in Iraq...and Britney losing her kids is news? So I go to take a shower, and when I come back down to have another look at the news before heading out, they're talking about how Hannah Montana sold out tour dates in several minutes. Well isn't that special. Whooooop tiiii F'ING dooooooooo!!

I'm really starting to be very very annoyed by Fox News. They need to ixnay with the bullshit tabloid stories for ratings. I'm taking them less seriously by the day. They don't have much further to go before I just stop watching them. Hope they wake up soon.

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