Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas meditation - Things that matter

A few days out from Christmas, I was out alone along the hustle and bustle of some last few days of Christmas shopping in San Antonio. Being alone is so important sometimes. I could not believe the clarity of thought. I usually love to blast the radio with some music or talk radio. Not that morning. Quiet was goooood.

It's not unusual that every Christmas family draws near. Even with the small grudges that normally prevent me from reaching out to a friend or relative during the year, I'm drawn to them at Christmas and realize how trifling it is to hold a grudge at all. Life is so short. Yes, cliche. But cliches are ususally cliches for good reason. So in the quiet of my car, I just savored the moment. Savored that I would meet and greet family and friends over Christmas break, celebrated their good health, and embraced this as another great opportunity for me to stamp out dumb grudges I have with one or two in the family circle. It matters. In the grand scheme of things, it matters.

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