Saturday, December 29, 2007

I've still got one more GOP 2008 flip flop in me

This is approximately my 7th or 8th flip flop concerning who to get behind in the 2008 GOP race. I don't feel bad though, or embarassed, because this race IS that tight and IS this fluid. I'm not the only one. So without further adieu, for the third time now in the last 6 months, I am getting behind Fred Thompson. I was for him before I was against him, then for him again, then not, now for him again. Ha, what a hoot. In short, Thompson is just going to be the most electable when it's all said and done. I liked the way he told Nurse Ratchet to shove it at the Iowa debates, small as that incident was, it was revealing. I do like Duncan Hunter the best overall, but it is just looking beyond bleak at this point. At the Iowa debate, he lost track of his bearings while Romney was giving an eloquent response, and when Nurse Ratchet asked Hunter his thoughts to the same question, he confessed he forgot the original question and could she repeat the question. Bad. Very bad. Wake up man. He's not tracking in any poll, and likely never will. I think he drops out of the race in Januaray, and I can only hope he throws his support to Thompson. We shall see.

I'm a Fredhead once again. This time to stay. (I hope!)

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