Friday, February 08, 2008

I'm a two issue voter

After following the volatile and turbulent GOP primary to its now settled McConclusion (rimshot), unless Huckabee pulls off an upset miracle (rimshot), it's Johnny Mac time. I can hardly believe Mac has done it. After listening and discerning what both sides of the talk radio tug of war have to say, and I think both sides make very, very fine points, I must say that I am a two issue voter with Johnny Mac now on the docket in November.

1. I will cast a vote for Johnny Mac for all of our active duty military, and soon to be active duty military. I served in the US Navy from 1992-1996. I was active duty during the transition of Bush to Clinton. I remember the drag on morale when Clinton cranked out 'Don't ask, don't tell". I remember him gutting our military as part of the backward thinking 'peace dividend'. I could easily digress, but I'm not going to. The fact is is that I know how it feels to have a dirtbag as a Commander-in-Chief. I remember how it felt to have a Commander-in-Chief who didn't hide his disdain for the military very well. I also remember looking at photos of Reagan and Thatcher, riding past some Servicemen at attention...the pride must have been swelling. I cannot imagine having signed a 4 or 6 year contract to the Armed Services, knowing I may find myself in harms way, and then finding out that for the better part of my first enlistment, Hillary Clinton or Barrack Obama is going to be my Commander-in-Chief. I will try to prevent that at all costs for my active duty military. Johnny Mac is a far, far cry from Reagan, but Clinton is a far, far cry from John McCain.

Do not sell out your active duty military by staying home on election night. Go vote for McCain for you men and women serving overseas. Give them a real voice. Give them a leader that loves and respects them.

2. Life, Life, and Life Clinton and Obama are both NARAL saints. They will not only ensure that the bloody abortion mills stay open, they will expand taxpayer funding for the killing fields. Both Clinton and Obama believe partial birth abortion (infanticide) legal. Both barbaric and satanic.

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