Sunday, April 27, 2008

Expelled: Ben Stein serves up a shot across the bow

I saw Expelled yesterday with my wife for a very enjoyable evening. Expelled far exceeded my expectations. I had seen that Rotten Tomatoes savaged the movie...the collective percentage of all the reviewers was 10%, so I knew then that this movie was not only a winner, but a must see.

The affable Ben Stein offers quite a bit of clarity on the what Intelligent design is, and why it is being squelched at American Universities. Without going into details, the Darwinian evolutionists that were interviewed seemed long on religious derision, but short on facts and influence. The ID'ers as it were, seemed far more intellectually curious, scientific, and objective.

This is a shot across the bow, make no bones about it. The flaws of evolution are exposed. More importantly, the worldview that hates religion is exposed as the puppetmaster of Darwinism. But what makes Stein's defense of ID his quest and intellectual honesty and freedom on the campus so encouraging is that this movie will hit the masses. This kind of argument to my knowledge has never been mainstreamed like this before. And when this movie hits the rentals...the evolutionist professors at universities across the nation should be worried indeed. The jig is up.

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David said...

You need to watch the documentary on Kitzmiller vs. Dover...

Unfortunately because of that court case (ruled on by a conservative Bush appointee), ID can not be taught in a classroom setting. The reason being is that ID is that it is not testable, thus there can be no way to prove it, ergo: it's NOT science. Hence the hostility that science has to it.

Look, let me emphasise that I believe in God (I got my degree in Religious Studies) but I believe that Evolution is a tool that God used to create us (just my own belief).

BTW - I love the Obama pic you have.