Friday, June 20, 2008

Gloucester Superintendent asshat, Christopher Farmer

A defiant superintendent at Gloucester was interviewed by FOX News this morning about the pregnancy pact made by 18 teenagers at a school in Gloucester, Massachusetts.

When asked about one of the men who had impregnated one of the girls, allegedly a 24 year old homeless person, superintendent Christopher Farmer bizarrely stated that well, due to the mortgage crisis, some homeless are actually respectable people these days. Conspicuously defending this homeless person. This guy was not interested in taking any kind of responsibility whatsoever.

How low has our society fallen. Far. Very very far.

Please email this idiot at

This is wrote I wrote:
Title: "Due to mortgage crisis, some homeless are actually respectable people"

What was that statement all about?

Why are you diverting? No one is necessarily blaming you, so it was fascinating to hear you defending the new 'homeless' as better suitors for our unwed moms-to-be than we might think.

Thank you for yet another reaffirmation of our decision to homeschool. Not just to help prevent these kinds of incidents, but to keep our children away from administrators like you.

Just please kindly urge them at a minimum to have their babies and put up for adoption if they don't want to keep the baby. I fear there will be great pressure put on them from your school counselors and administration to abort these hapless babies.


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