Monday, July 14, 2008

Heartbreaking story

I was reading a piece in Columbia Magazine about Abortion and it's effects on men and how men are stepping out of the shadows. They are stepping out to announce their pain, and to take a more active role in ending abortion.

At any rate, the particular article cited a couple who were expecting, six months along. The father had been keeping a diary (very common, I did) to give the child later in life...

One day the mother came home and told the father that she had an abortion. Can you just imagine the heartbreak?! I don't know if I could ever fully recover from that. That is a terminal scar.

It still strikes as nothing short of incredible that people in this country and around the world can justify abortion. Just unbelievable. A truly truly Satanic practice...and it's a 'right' in this country? Sickening.

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