Monday, August 18, 2008

Michael "Lost for Words" Phelps

I don't mean to nitpick the greatest Olympian ever, but instead of saying "I'm lost for words" in every other response he gives when asked to share his thoughts after every gold, can't he just give even the smallest of shout outs to God? Is he not Christian? No one is, for that matter. So disappointing. We really are heading into a post-Christian era. What a missed opportunity. Don't get me wrong, I could not be happier for Phelps and his golds for the US, but geez louise, deep in communist country, where freedom of speech and religion is suppressed, when the world is watching and listening to his every word....Nada, nothing. Just, "I'm lost for words, it's amazing...blah blah blah". Yawn.

I know, I'm a tough crowd. But I'm just disappointed. We still have millionaire professional athletes in pro leagues who give thanks to God on a regular basis in interviews here in the United States. why can't our young athletes do the same when it matters the most?

So frustrating.

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