Saturday, October 04, 2008

Barack suffers from depression?

This is just my own opinion, but as time has worn on in this campaign and as I've watched Obama more frequently in debates, interviews, and commericals, I am noticing a trend, and that is he seems very depressed to me. It is in his eyes. In some of his angry statements, ala, "I want you to get in your neighbors face and argue". He never seems to exude a general happiness. Many of his toothy grins always seem just for the camera, and always immediately after the smile he always reverts to the long face. Again, I believe it's the eyes that reveal his unhappiness. It seemed to click for me when I was watching the Obama ad on the Obama Channel that I just previously posted about. There is a picture of him with Michelle taken many years ago, and I noticed in this picture he looked genuinely happy, but then I also noticed a beer in front of him. Hmmm.

Does anyone else see this? Does Obama appear to be forcing smiles to you? Does he appear to be genuinely happy to anyone? Even in shots with his wife and kids, he seems to be forcing happiness for the camera. I think there is something to it, this is not just one right wingers silly ruminations...

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