Wednesday, March 04, 2009

What gimmick will Obama use to unify the country?

It seems to me that Obama was hoping that the recession that he inherited would be the unifier to help Americans embrace his far left agenda. The Dow is below 6800, and has been slowly descending ever since he took office. His agenda is tanking the stock market and everyone is losing money hand over fist. It remains to be seen what he will do. Sure, this is likely his plan, to melt down the private sector and then buy everything up on the cheap which in one fell swoop creates a socialistic state. If the Obama administration continues to turn a blind eye, which it currently is, the citizens of this country are going to revolt and then Obama has a REAL problem.

So I am very interested to see what Obama will use to try and gain support from Americans. Is he going to amp up the rhetoric against a country like China? Or Russia? He has to create some ruse to get him out of the mess he is beginning to find himself in. What will it be Obama? What is Soros Inc concocting in those back rooms?

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