Thursday, July 05, 2007

Hollywood is dead.

So we recently re-upped Hollywood Video's MVP plan, where you pay 10 bucks monthly and you can get 3 movies at a time etc. We hadn't had it for about 2 years and so I was really eager to catch up on the gobs of movies we haven't seen. So I see Casino Royale and frankly I loved it. My appetite was wet and ready to go. See Idiocracy and loved it. These two were in the first to trips to the vid store. But that's where the excitement ended, and the misery began. I'm not going to name names of movies, I'm at the twenty something mark of movies we've seen and I'm feeling suicidal. Some I could not even finish. The formulas are growing very VERY tiresome. The comedy is not very comedic. The musical scores are absurdly lame. Two very very big molds in score. They are in virtually every movie now. No, 3 actually. First you have the Danny Elfman Edward Scissorhands ripoffs, then you have the light bouncy "uplifting' orchestral pieces usually accompanying some 'exciting moment, and then of course some musical interlude with some loud pop song which got it's start from John Hugh's Planes, Trains, and Automobiles. Those interludes are simply driving me up the freaking wall. They are TOO 'feel good' and predictable.

Movies are intended to suspend animation, but for me they are driving me to the grave.

And then there's the stupid stupid hype. I'm vowing to never fall for hype about a movie ever again. It's all a big racket. Take Benchwarmers for example. If you've seen the movie, then you know it is steaming pile of ______ (you fill in the blank). I don't know about you, but I heard that the movie was the best thing since sliced bread. Hilarious. Jon Heder is awesome they said. *Cue stylus needle scratching off the record*...This movie was one of the worst movies I've ever seen. Ever. Ever ever ever. Same with Talladega Nights and countless other movies I've seen. The last few movies I've seen I can't even finish. "The Holiday". What a rambling, unimportant, unfunny, uninspired, non-entertaining first hour of that movie was. Couldn't finish it. So...I'm done. Tired of Hollywood wasting my precious time.

Oh and the leftist philosphy/ideology plugs these tards put in their movies. I'm watching "The Lake House". Oooooh! A man and a women mail each other through time, but in the current time! OMG THAT IS SO FREAKING AWESOME I AM COMPELLED TO GO IN THE BATHROOM AND MASTURBATE!! Hollywood discovers this script from some Korean writer and they think they've reinvented the date movie. STFU! So anyways, in "The Lake House", I'm watching the first 30 minutes or so, and it's not making me nauseous so I'm like, alright, you've got my attention, then they show Sandra Bullock's character and the mom chitchatting in some town square, and the mom starts plugging global warming while Sandra in that scene was not wearing a bra and her nipples were on full display underneath her sweater. Good for her! Bra's are such symbols of oppression and subservience to men!! YOU GO GIRL! I just wanted to puke at the pathetic pander to the leftist's sensibilities. It's in virtually all Hollywierd movies, some jab at Christianity, some jab at conservative politicians, propping up liberal ideas etc etc.

So so so so sick of it all. So Hollywood, Fuck You, and have a nice day.

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