Friday, December 07, 2007

Continuing coverage of Savage vs. CAIR

Great article on Savage vs CAIR

Michael Savage has been an invisible presence to his so-called colleagues in talk radio. And this is an orchestrated act. From Sean Hannity’s under-his-breath swipes at Savage to Limbaugh’s blatant attempts to not recognize Savage at all, these people show their total lack of depth and the very fact that they are mouthpieces of the Republican Party. Now a tiny group that has done absolutely nothing to promote American – Islamic relations, other than their own agenda and the agenda of terrorists, has decided that they cannot be criticized simply by being identified for what they are. The comfort of the darkness can only conceal the evil for so long. When brought to the light, it squirms and wriggles, clawing for survival by the most insidious means necessary.

So for the CEO’s of the above named companies, and those to be named as this lawsuit filed by Attorney Daniel Horowitz unfolds, this is going to be a wakeup call to their wallets, seeing as these soulless bastards can’t be tempted in any conscience-related regard. And as Savage himself has told his listeners that he will reveal the names of these companies, it should be an interesting series of events that will follow. I mean, look at what happened when Savage mobilized is enormous audience to protest the Immigration Reform atrocity, not to mention the infamous Dubai Ports Deal. Do these corporations really believe that millions of American listeners to The Savage Nation will just let this slide? Need I remind these spineless businessmen that there’s something called Christmas coming up? Some of the companies on the coward list are already in financial trouble. Bad move, people.

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