Monday, October 20, 2008

Fascinating psychoanalysis of Obama

Via Atlas Shrugs

Full report here, Understanding Obama: The Making of a Fuehrer

And the companion video


Anonymous said...

uh, you might as well love obama, and i'm sure you do. Your promotion of perry and sarah palin tells me that you are just a mixed up confused person. Even if you are doing it on me you are still confused. get right with yourself and stop being anti american.

Anonymous said...

yeah my post was stupid but watch fall of the republic on youtube if you want the truth about the parties. They are one party where it matters and they both believe the same things but YOU and I at one time thought they didn't. Hopefully you are brainwashed like most of America and not just "one of them" like i tend to assume.

Anonymous said...

RON PAUL is key, republican he was or is, whatever but you will never see him run with those types. He can't run libertarian he says since he is registered republican from awhile back or he thinks he can't so...he is for FREEDOM. ok, goodbye

Anonymous said...

I'm back one more time, for one post. Please please please research sarah palin on youtube for the fact that she is a fake and the fact that she is taking over tea parties and posing as someone who is for freedom. Please. Also if you don't know who alex jones is, it looks like you are from texas, please check him out. If you don't like him, then research it through other means. I know he's extreme but he tells the truth. If you don't believe all of what he says, that is the truth i promise you that. In the movie fall of the republic, which he did, there are people in it, that you might recognize (i don't know them all but my mother recognized some and they play some part in politics) and they explain it. So it's not just him talking. Please do that before you go for sarah palin. I am anti obama, sarah, clinton, bush, basically. Basically JFK i believe from what i hear, was the last good one. I hope i impacted in some way other than "you don't know what you are talking about". Ok..well...see ya.

Anonymous said...

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