Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Looking bleaker for McCain, Polls indicate Americans leaning Socialist

And I guess Americans think it's fine and should be legal for mothers to kill their unborn baby Americans at will.

I would have to say that, based on the Zogby poll that Drudge referenced this morning, Americans are also prone to the hypnotic lure of the narcissist Obama. Please see previous post as a reference. I firmly believe that Barack Obama has Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Why do people fall for it? I believe the firewall is Christianity. Believing, practicing Christians see through the facade of Obama. They look at the issues and are not hypnotized by his soaring oratory rhetoric. People that proclaim they are Christians, but don't regularly go to church, don't adhere to Christian principles, don't pray daily etc, these folks are prone to the Obama hysteria. Obama is one himself. I don't think Obama is a Christian at all, at least his fruits don't bear any resemlbance to one who has Christ as his Lord and Savior. Just because he says he's Christian doesn't mean a thing to me, considering the Church he went to, for fairly obvious political reasons, and his childhood as a Muslim. But again, look at the fruits! There is nothing more anti-Christian, more Satanic that abortion. Obama is going to sign the Freedom of Choice Act if elected, removing all restrictions, in all 50 states to abortion. Does that sound like a Christian thing to do? Sure, the so-called Christians will rationalize that to the best of their ability, but it saddens me that the number of Americans, now in the majority, believe Abortion and socialism is what's best for the country. There will be a price tag that comes along with our newfound shift and ideology.

A heavy price indeed after Obama puts away his hypnotists tool and begins his real work undermining every foundation that made this country great.

This is not good.

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