Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Learned your lesson Guy Ritchie?

When I first heard that Madonna was going to wed the director of one of my favorite films of all time, "Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels", I was mortified. Who in their right mind with date, let alone MARRY this soulless, washed up hag who celebrates being a whore? I mean, I could never fall in love with any woman who has more notches on her belt than Wilt. Actually, Wilt and Madonna probably have a notch for each other considering her penchant for NBA players.

But there was dumb ol Guy Ritchie, tying the knot with this wench. I immediately rethought my position on Guy. Either he was truly ignorant about this, though hard to imagine, or he was in some like mind with Madonna's slut ethos and had to hitch it. So then Alex Rodriguez happened, ( if not many more we don't know about) and the rest is, history (quite literally).

Learned your lesson Guy?

Formerly relevant Aging Premier pop "Diva" files yet another divorce

LONDON (AP) - British newspapers say Madonna and Guy Ritchie are splitting up.

The Sun reports the American pop star and British movie director want a divorce finalized by Christmas.

The Daily Mail says a statement on the couple's future will soon be released. The newspapers cited unnamed sources.

Madonna has been linked to the recent breakup of New York Yankees baseball star Alex Rodriquez and his wife, Cynthia Rodriquez. Over the summer the pop star denied rumors of a romance with Rodriquez and denied her own marriage was on the rocks.

Madonna is in the middle of her latest world tour, "Sticky & Sweet."

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