Thursday, October 16, 2008

National Security

Was lying in bed last night thinking about what our national securty threats are now, and what might they be in the future, given our near inevitable economic collapse. I believe Islamofascistic Jihad, though making giant leaps in the US, but still not to the extent it has succeeded in Britain or France, will start to recede. Perhaps in Britain too. The Muslims in Britian actually set up a court in England to hear  cases for Muslims using Shariah law. That is astonishing. But no such thing will occur if we find ourselves in an economic depression that could last years. 

I think the new threat is once again our old nemesis, Communism, in China and Russia. I do believe they will make a move if we fall into economic ruin. Not sure  how and when, and it may involve indirect assistance from the jihadis, but the overall threat could  not be more real. China and Russia will have a government to keep fueling their ambitions against the US, Islam and the Middle Eastern countries will take a heavy blow if US economy collapses and for the most part, their Islamization plans for the US and Europe will largely collapse as well. 

A little food for thought, albeit explained poorly. 

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