Thursday, October 16, 2008

Standing Vigil outside Planned Parenthood

Last Sunday, I stood vigil for the first time outside of a Planned Parenthood, as part of the 40 days for Life campaign, and I am going with my family again this Saturday.

I have to tell you, it was far more emotional than I thought it was going to be. We arrived and there were already 15 or so people that were already there. This Planned Parenthood was on a very busy street. Because of all the 'Honk if you are Pro-Life' signs, there was almost constant honking. And trust me, when it's your first time out there, it was very encouraging. The Planned Parenthood was open at the time and there were several cars in front. With that in mind, there was a feeling you get, being there, that I did not think would be so profound. It's a pity and a sadness you feel in the pit of your stomach, that some 20 yards away from you in a small office, an unborn baby is about to be removed - limb by limb if need be, out of the safe confines of the mother's die. And then there is the encouragement of the cars that pass by honking that mixes with the sadness. And at this particular location, the restaurant across the street has a giant sign on the side of their restaurant sign of Our Lady of Guadalupe, like the picture in the upper right hand side of my blog. Was very comforting to say the rosary and have Our Lady of Guadalupe looking down at all of us.

I would strongly encourage anyone interested to sign up with 40 Days for Life and stand vigil. You will be glad you stepped out and became a visible sign of protest against this evil that is angering God, tempting God to purify us in ways that will be undoubtedly painful for us all.

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