Friday, October 24, 2008

Obama's 'Build the Economy from the ground up", "Trickle Up Poverty"

Rush made a fabulous point today on his radio program today. He played a clip from Good Morning America this morning where Obama was interviewed. Obama stated he did not regret his 'spread the wealth around' comment (deny deny deny, of course he regrets that people heard his truthful freudian slip), and he then proceeded to explain that the way to repair the economy is to tax the highest income earners and give tax cuts to the lower income folks. That would, in his words, "build the economy from the ground up". And Rush makes the point that if that is the case, then Mexico would have a bustling economy, Cuba would be a super power, etc. His point is well taken, the 'bottom' does not generate movement in the economy. How COULD it? Michael Savage coined it a different way, "Trickle Up Poverty". It's crazy. Obama is peddling socialism, dangling socialism right in front of our faces, and no one is recognizing it.

I would love it if Obama would map out in laymen terms how 'building the economy from the ground up' is actually going to repair our economy. I don't want to hear his factually dishonest, "We can't afford another 8 years of Bush's tax policy", as if that is entirely to blame. His excuse and explanation for EVERYTHING is "Bush policies of the last 8 years". He can get a pass with his media, but I want him to connect the dots. Explain how increasing taxes on the already over-taxed businesses is conducive to growing and expanding our economy.

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